Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Davidic Dance!

Shabbat was so relaxing. We listened to Eddie in the morning, then we enjoyed hearing Mike Clayton in the afternoon. It is so good to have him back after his "shabbatical" where he took a year off. If you have not had a chance to hear him teach, please check out his ministry - Joined to HaShem Ministries. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with him in person as well as work with him and his delightful wife, Kathy...and their youngest son, Daniel. Their entire family has such a love for serving YHVH!

Then on Sunday afternoon, I went to a Davidic Dance Camp taught by Ralph and Mindy Seta. Mindy does most of the teaching and was a very good teacher. She has a bit different style than I'm used to since all the dancing I've learned has been from Camp Yeshua/Ann Judah. I like the Camp Yeshua style more-so as 1. I'm used to it and 2. It is more general footwork versus working in more clogging/tap dance type steps. But it was great to learn a new version as well. And Mindy has such a heart for worship.

Yesterday was my every other week house cleaning job, so it was good to be up moving and work out my soreness from dancing! Then I got a lot done yesterday afternoon. Now today, Momma and I made a batch of cookies for Thanksgiving as well as worked on a few things around the house and sold a few items we had listed on Craigslist. We're off to see my Gaga now...so talk with you again soon as my goal is to get back to blogging twice a week now! :)

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