Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

While my family does not celebrate Christmas due to it's pagan origins and instead follow what Scripture commands (celebrate the 7 Biblical Feast Days), Black Friday is a good day to pick up some deals on items that you need. Walmart had what I was in need of - a nice camcorder for my ministry to be able to record videos for YouTube. It was normally $160, yet it was on sale for $99. It went on sale at midnight on Thursday, so we headed for Walmart late in the evening and got there at 15 till 12. It was CROWDED!!!! However, after asking a few people for help, I found the display for the camcorders I wanted. They only had twelve. All of the displays were still wrapped in plastic and would be ripped open at midnight. I asked the gentleman standing there watching over the display if he could turn one around in order for me to read the specs on the back and make sure this was the one I wanted. He not only did that, but he took it out and allowed me to easily read it before putting it back. When they started ripping open the displays, he ripped that one open and handed me the first one as we had been there politely talking with him while waiting. I was then looking for some memory cards. I asked people had they seen them, and they kindly directed me to them. It was interesting to me to see how pushy and shovey people were towards other yet they treated me with respect. Why? My mom and I were the only ones wearing skirts and headcoverings. That was very interesting to me. And I had a successful shopping trip - got the camcorder, the memory cards, and the board game I was after!

We got home around 1am and went to bed! The next day, Daddy went and got a few things he wanted from Dick's...while Momma and I stayed home and got ready for Shabbat. We then listened to Mike Clayton and Monte Judah. Shabbat morning, we listened to Eddie Chumney while I ran his PalTalk room. Then that night, Momma and Daddy ran their paper route while I talked with my "lil' sister" Laura which is our Saturday night tradition! Today has been a good day getting a lot done - fixing a skirt, cutting out a jumper, answering e-mails, meal planning for Shabbat, preparing herb orders, etc. Now it's time for supper!

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