Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sukkot is Coming...Sukkot is Coming...Sukkot is Coming!!!

Sukkot is Coming...Sukkot is Coming...Sukkot is Coming!!!

It is hard to believe that Sukkot will be here in 9 days!!! The first family will arrive here in exactly a week. I cannot wait to see all my wonderful Torah observant friends and get to spend 10 days with them...worshiping YHVH, studying, Davidic dancing, and so much more. Even Kosher S'mores. :) But there is still a lot to do between now and then.

Today, we had a woodstove put in our home, and I'm so looking forward to enjoying that over the winter. It looks really nice and fits in our home so well.

This past Shabbat was our monthly gathering, and we welcomed a few new ones to our group. It is nice to be joined by new ones and continue to grow. For Sukkot, we are going to have 16-25 depending on the day which is 9 family groups and triple our numbers last year! That doesn't include our special event with Richard Rives which will be 40+ people...we have room for up to 160...so if you are reading this and want to join us to hear Richard's report on Biblical Archeology and his digs in Israel, please check out my Facebook or www.yaakovsflock.org.

We also put up 60+ jars of grape juice...now to do some squash and the last of the cucumbers...then the final sukkot prep...and our normal weekly things...life is busy, but I'm loving it!

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