Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cedar Point and a "New Normal"

This past week was a good week finding a new normal. It was nice to be home the whole week and getting caught up on website work, uploading large files for that at the library, cleaning my much needing attention craft table, working on my ministry, my Paul work, and helping with the family bakery. I really enjoyed being home more and with my family.

Then on Sunday, a friend from our congregation, Joseph, and I went up to Cedar Point. For those of you who have never heard of Cedar Point, it is a large amusement park about 2 hours from my house. We drove there Sunday morning, had a picnic lunch, and then spent the entire day in the park. I don't like roller coasters; however, we found plenty of other rides I would ride such as the Scrambler, Super Himalaya, Cedar Downs, and Dodgem. I haven't had so much in such a long time! I can't wait to go back again sometime soon!

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