Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Normal

My family has been adjusting to a new normal. It still seems like the phone should ring and it should be Nana. I'd love to go watch a movie with her or eat dinner with her. Or just sit in her lap. But I can't do that now, so I choose to treasure those memories and live a life that would make her proud of me! And I can help take care of my Gaga to the best of my ability to honor both of them.

As we have adjusted, we have had a lot of catch up with our family bakery to play. We took that whole week off which put us behind, but by working together, we are getting more caught up and doing well these last couple of months of the Summer Farmer's Markets. Now to just find Winter outlets to help expand our reach in the Winter as well as to begin working on our website to be able to offer online orders for local pickup and mail order.

I enjoyed getting back into my cleaning jobs and getting my schedule fully situated to being away from home less. I'm now cleaning on Mondays for a weekly job and one Thursday a month for another job. I have a third job that is for an older couple who spends their summers here and winters in Florida, so they have already returned to Florida and that job is on hold until their return.

We had our Shabbat Gathering this past Shabbat, and it was so nice to once again gather with fellow believers. Almost all of our regulars were there as well as two new families. I shared about my trip to Camp Yeshua, and two of the families who have 16 year old sons hope to be able to send them this next year as well. We then discussed Sukkot and made more plans for that. It is hard to believe that in exactly one month from today, Sukkot will have started! Then we enjoyed a midrash on Who Owns It? We discussed how YHVH really owns everything, and we are the stewards. It was interesting how we were each able to bring out different insights from the various passages.

And today our house smells heavenly as we have baked Apple Pies, Peach Cobblers, Cinnamon Rolls, Orange Rolls, Cinnamon Swirl Bread, and Challah. Plus I've even gotten some work in too! :) Now, I'm off to finish my ministry newsletter!

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