Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sukkot, Part 3

Finally sitting still long enough to post more about Sukkot. After we had a couple of days to clean up, try to catch up at work and home, clean up, and sleep in a bit, it was time to run again as Timothy and Maria (both of whom are good friends of mine) were getting married!!! Then home again, some doctor appointments for my grandparents, and now, I've caught a mild cold! I guess it's from allowing myself to get run down. But I'm drinking my organic vinegar with the mother in it, honey, and water to help get rid of it along with colloidal silver. So I'm hoping to be back to normal soon. :) Now to Sukkot...

On Sunday afternoon, we took an herbal first aid class. Here's Dawn teaching us.

And we were good students who even took notes!

On Monday afternoon, Doug, our neighbor, came over and taught us Cast Iron Cooking. Here he is showing off the beef cubes we had prepared for that while Daria finishes chopping up our vegetables and Momma and Daddy look on.

Here's our meal - beef stew - cooking over the campfire. The cornbread was already done. :)

Time for a test taste. And????

It passed with flying colors! More on Sukkot coming soon...

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