Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun Adventures...

This past week was a good yet busy week. My parents and I went off on a night away for my mom's birthday. We went over to see the Newark Holy Stones which were found in an Indian Burial Mound in the Newark, Ohio area which I find very interesting considering the fact that it is very possible the lost ten tribes have integrated into some of the American Indians. These stones have a figure of Moses on them as well as the Ten Commandments written in Hebrew on them.

We enjoyed shopping in the Roscoe village shops as well. Then we returned home in time to see Gaga on Momma's birthday.

On Tuesday, I went home with Nicole, a girlfriend of mine, for a girl's night. We enjoyed going thrift store shopping. Then we ate supper at her home with her very sweet step-mother. Then us girls watched Emma based on the Jane Austin classic. I had never seen it, but I enjoyed it greatly.

Thursday I had my cleaning job for a homeschooling family that I enjoyed greatly. Friday, we got all ready for Shabbat and company as Aunt Daria and her grandkids came for the Shabbat. We enjoyed their company and watched Courageous together that night. Courageous is the newest movie by Sherwood Pictures who also made Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. I greatly enjoyed their new movie and would highly recommend it.

Sunday, I began developing a sore throat, so I am home sick today...not fun...wish I could get rid of the sore throat! I have a slight cold to go with the sore throat, but the throat is always the worst part. Thankfully, my mom is filling me with Vitamin C, Colloidal Silver, Immune Booster Blend, and it is greatly helping.

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