Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp Yeshua 2011, Part 1

If I had to sum up Camp Yeshua 2011 with one word, it could only be AMAZING! It was once again an awesome YHVH filled time. Often times the first time you go somewhere it is the best time. Well, I can honestly say that this time was even better. I didn't know if it was possible...but it was!

I had the privaledge of leading with my friend, Nicole, the tribe of Merari. We normally divide the campers into the 12 Biblical Tribes of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Benjamin, Asher, Isschar, Ephraim, Zebulun, Gad, Naphtali, and Dan. Well, we've gotten big enough where we needed more tribes...but you can't add to the Bible. So Ephraim added the Levitial tribes in...We had Aaron, Kohath, Merari, and Gershon. My tribe was a wonderful group. It was great to see them work together, learn together, and play together! Our tribe was part of the Camp of Dan. Each group of 4 tribes makes up the camps just as the Israelites camped in the Wilderness. So we have the Camp of Dan, Reuben, Ephraim, and Judah. Our camp, the Camp of Dan, came in a close 2nd for winning the Spirit of Messiah award...or the overall camp award.

I have posted quite a few pictures on my Facebook which tell the story in detail. However, you can also see those pictures without a Facebook account by using the below links...
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I'll share more about camp in my next post...

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Fair Maiden

A fair maiden lives in each girl's heart.
She wants her "knight in shining armor" to find her.
But what doth she do with her time?
Does she while it away as she waits?
Does she chase the guys?

A pure fair maiden waits with her eyes on her Savior.
She hides her heart in the Messiah.
She wants a man who reflects the love of the Messiah.
While she longs for a knight, she ones a pure knight
And thereby keeps herself pure.

Each of us as young women want a young man; however, we must learn contentment and love from our Messiah, Yeshua. If we cannot be content before we are married, we cannot expect to be content after we are married. Our single years are meant to be preparation years for us and our lives as married women. We need to learn to serve our families, congregation, and others. We need to learn to balance good and best as well as eliminate all evil and baggage from our lives. This is where purity in speech, dress, and mannerisms is learned.

It is also where we learn to give our expectations to YHVH. I used to think "I want a guy who is 2 years older than me, 2 inches taller than me, with brown or blond hair, with blue eyes, definitely not red hair, and a homeschooler." Now, I have thrown many of those ideas out the window! It honestly doesn't matter to me if he is younger than me or older...I want the man YHVH has for me who is pure and mature in HIM. If he is younger, so be it. If he is older, so be it. I want the man YHVH has for me no matter his description. I have learned to not put YHVH in a box.

I'm also learning surrender and trust. When I notice a young man that catches my attention, I tell the Lord "YHVH I noticed so and so. He is created in your image. You know that I noticed Him; however, I'm giving it all back to You and trusting you with the future." Then I go back to sleep and trust YHVH. Sometimes it takes multiple times of surrender. I'm a healthy girl who wants to get married after all! But I want to save my heart and love for my future belongs to NO ONE else!

So are you seeking to be a fair maiden with a pure heart hidden in YHVH? Let us encourage each other to keep on as pure fair maidens!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Off to Camp Yeshua...

Well, I'm finished packing tomorrow...go and see my grandparents tomorrow (my grandma is not doing well)...then fly out to Camp Yeshua on Friday morning. :) See ya'll when I get back.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Countdown to Camp Yeshua

Wow! What a busy week it has been. I think I've been trying to cram a couple of extra weeks into this past week. :)

First of all, here are some Shavuot pictures to be able to enjoy by clicking here. As you'll see, we had a wonderful time and quite a nice size group - anywhere from 15 to 28 people at a given time. It was great to be with old friends and make new friends.

This week, I got a lot done - 2 house cleaning jobs, working for Paul Nison, and working on my ministry as well as helping the family. Plus getting ready for Camp Yeshua of which I leave for this coming Friday...can't wait to be with my Camp family and my B'nai Shalom family for a week!

Tomorrow, our congregation will have our monthly gathering. We'll be midrashing on the weekly Torah portion which will be nice. We've done topical studies before, so this will be a nice change.

My grandmother is not doing well. She's once again got either bronchitis or pneumonia. Her 4th time being sick in less than 3 please keep her in your prayers.

Well, Shabbat shalom for now! Link