Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can't Wait for Shabbat

This past week has been quiet in some other ways, it has been busy. I've really been enjoying working on Commandment Keepers. I'm very excited about the progress being made there and the awareness for the new project.

I've also gotten back into my writing on my book and finishing up my presentations. I'd really like to have them totally done - outlined, then details and Scriptures added, then the animation and pictures put into place by the Spring of 2012. I've got seven I've been working on and two are totally done. The third one is about half done and coming along really well.

I enjoyed some sewing this week. Daddy and I worked on hemming up some clothes that had been needing to be done for a bit. We worked together, and it did not take long at all.

Then too I have been enjoying reading more as well these past couple of weeks. I read a really good fiction book - first in a while - called Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn. It is about a CIA agent who had lost his job because his wife had been ill then died; however, he get's called back to work when his best friend goes missing in Iraq. It is a Christian book, but it was amazing to me the details that he brought in that we even understand as Messianics such as a brief reference to the Salt Covenant! :) I would recommend reading it.

Well, the house is clean, dinner for Shabbat is ready, and I'm looking forward to a good preparation day.

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