Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a week this has been so far. I've tried to put a whole week into 3 days!!! One of my best friends (Ellie) who lives in Wisconsin will be arriving in just a couple of hours and spending the next 5 days with my family. Her 5 younger siblings are coming as well, so I know we'll have a lot of fun together. This also means our family will go from 3 people to 9 people!

I have had a lot of fun on Sunday and Monday helping Daddy get his bee hives painted and ready for his bees which arrive on Friday. This will be his first year keeping bees, and we are all excited about that and being able to produce our own honey. It has been fun helping him get them all set up. I've even helped build the frames for the bees to build their honeycomb on.

Sunday evening I mowed the yard which was the first time I've done it in the past couple of years. When we first moved out here, I did all the mowing. We then realized that my back was getting aggravated with all the mowing due to the type of damage I had done about 8 years ago when I fell on the I had to stop and give it time to heal properly. It is now totally manageable, so I was glad to be back mowing! (For those of you who are wondering...I fell on the ice 8 years ago when we were building our house. We did not realize the extent of damage done until 2 years later I developed headaches and an occasional migraine. A friend recommended a chiropractor. I started doing that and between that and massage therapy, I rarely have any trouble. The key for me is to be physically active and not just work at the computer all day! It is amazing how Yahweh provides us with natural healing methods.)

This past week, we got to have some really good friends over for lunch, and we had a great time fellowshipping that afternoon. Besides that, I had two days of cleaning jobs, and we celebrated the last day of Unleavened Bread. Since that fell on Friday, it meant we had two Shabbats back to back - the High Holy Day and then the weekly Shabbat.

Well, I had better go now. We're going to get an Angel Food Cake on, then I've got to run over to the Township Hall for the Zoning Board Meeting which I'm on, and then Ellie and her siblings should be here!

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