Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feathers, Flying, and Family

This morning, we started our day off by butchering 8 of our chickens. This was the hardest group do to that we have ever done as they were our original laying hens, but they had gotten to the point where they were only laying an egg or two a day. So we now have some nice meat in the fridge. I also got all my pictures backed up to three DVDs...these are all the pictures since I have had a digital camera...so this is for the last 6 1/2 years...hard to believe I could condense them that much. I wanted to do that and put them in a fireproof box I got for safety. Memories are so precious, and pictures are part of that which I would hate to lose.

I got my Camp Yeshua registration off in today's mail. I cannot wait for Camp. This will be my third year going back as a Senior Counselor. I love working with the teens. It is easy to relate to them as I was their age not but a few short years ago, and I love being able to make myself available as an older sister to each one there. The impact that you are able to make is shocking in many ways. Sometimes the person you least expect is the one you most impact. I will fly in on Friday, go to B'nai Shalom services which I love then stay with dear friends that weekend before going to Camp on Sunday. Camp finishes on Friday at noon, and I fly home that afternoon getting home right at sunset.

We went off as a family on Thursday and Friday - a rare treat. We went shopping in Holmes County - Amish country on Thursday and had a great time. It was so nice to go somewhere and just relax and have fun as a family. Then Friday, Daddy took a soap making class. Now, he can teach Momma and I. While he was in class, Momma and I relaxed at our motel. We enjoyed a movie, going for a walk, and researching a few things on the Internet that we don't normally have time for. I got to drive home which I loved, and we stopped by Fin, Fur, and Feathers (like a Cabelas) too!

Well, I must go now..need to go pull some weeds then going for a walk before the sun goes to bed.

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