Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well, I've been busy walking wherever Yahweh sends me which can be quite a varity! This past week, I've mailed packages for Paul Nison, worked on Eddie Chumney's website, published articles on Commandment Keepers (Richard Rives), and worked on a presentation on the head covering for my own ministry. It is amazing the doors the Lord keeps opening for me as long as I'm willing. I just have to trust and obey! Out of obedience comes blessing!

On Tuesday, I had my house cleaning job which I tease is getting paid to exercise versus paying to go to the gym! I enjoy this family - the mom is Jewish and the dad is an interesting combination, but a very sweet family. They were having their large area rugs replaced, so I had a lot of wood floors to clean as this was a rare time to get to the actual floor versus rug!

Then on Friday, I was able to meet a friend for lunch. We enjoyed catching up on what had been going on in our lives as well as good food! I've also gotten a lot of website work done this week for my dad. I'm so happy with how his website is turning out. I updated his ministry website - as well as some on his webstore -

And I've enjoyed some great down time with my family. We watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and enjoyed some good laughs. We've read together. And so much more! Plus we made snow cream with the recent snowfall...our first decent one of the year.

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  1. I love "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"! I'm so blessed by your posts... love Christine L.